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why choose 

Katerina Summers is a HANDS-ON practitioner with  19 years of GLOBAL experience and has obtain the knowledge of DOZENS massage techniques



Successfully lunched her practice in September 2022, FRANKLIN, TN with only TWO treatments (one of which was her SIGNATURE TCFM (facial massage) in a new State, County & town, without knowing a single soul and now is booked months in advance

Was already featured on LOCAL TV and MAGAZINE for local hidden gems



Locally and Internationally educated in Esthetics, Body Massage, Holistic Approach and Education in Wellness & Hospitality industry. Had obtained Education in Training others, Train the Trainers and Bachelor in Arts of BA and Global Economics



A unique FACIAL MASSAGE is on demand and gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd 




Adds a STAND ALONE treatment to your service menu, giving you a chance to also create new packages and bundles, thus increases your total business revenue and invites new business (new clients)

A great way to build loyalty with your clientele both existing and new 


what is it?

​The actual Buccal part is about 25-30 min technique that should be included to almost any treatment for its therapeutic benefit such as: muscular pain management, treating TMJ, releasing tension from upper body and facial muscles, and so much more. It can also be looked as a "non-surgical face lift" or a natural way to lift, firm and plump face, as many would describe this technique, but there is so much more then just benefits of sculpting facial features. 

The name BUCCAL comes from Latin word BUCCA - "cheek" 

Work from within the mouth was applied a while back , however the Facial Massage - BUCCAL MASSAGE was introduced in '80th by FRENCH esthetician and now this technique is gaining its popularity amongst celebrities, providers and of course clients 

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benefits :

  • restores tissues elasticity

  • helps with TMJ & lower jaw pains

  • fights with headaches, neck & shoulder tension

  • increases muscles tone

  • helps with decreasing double chin 

  • improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues are accelerated which tones blood vessels 

  • helps with decreasing depth of wrinkles, especially around mouth (nasolabial folds and around lips), lower jaw, eyes, forehead and neck

  • improves skin color

  • strengthens the vascular walls 

  • reduces swelling

  • provides nutrition to the skin and deeper tissues

  • increases skins firmness and elasticity

  • nourishes skin with oxygen

  • improves mood and overall wellbeing

  • fights with stress and anxiety

  • etc. 

what is the difference between 

how is                                      different to other schools

few highlights

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Katerina Summers is

locally and internationally  schooled in both 



learned each technique separately, that she herself, put together to create her signature BUCCAL FACIAL MASSAGE

Katerina is hands-on practitioner, owner and Certified Educator, that has global experience of 19 years to share with you 

You will learn numerous techniques that you will be able to apply into your practice to build the best program for your clients 

Katerina as a hands-on, local practitioner will be able to also share and teach you trick on how to grow your business through the knowledge of this technique 

About Facial Massage and why learn it

Facial massage have been practiced for sentries to help improve not only the appearance of the skin but to aid in overall wellbeing, yes a FACIAL MASSAGE treats not just the face but a mind and a body and is considered to be a part of a holistic treatment.

Although many estheticians add a facial massage into their regular Facial Treatments daily, not many offer a stand alone Facial Massage, and many are looking into changing that approach, especially here in America, it has become a treatment on demand,  a FACIAL MASSAGE as a stand alone session.

Today with the ability to travel and learn online you are, as a provider, able to incorporate many different techniques into your own signature treatments. After all your hands are the MOST POWERFUL beauty tools there is (do not forget that).

Why do clients look for Facial Massage more and more, well the answer is quite simple, the benefits from a massage forms a very long list from helping with neck pains, headaches, migraines to reducing anxiety and depression. And of course because many are seeing significant results when it comes to fighting with signs of aging of the skin, as many of you know that aging is a complex process that doesn't only involve changes happening in the skin but the bones, muscles, soft tissues and more, that is why when you are performing facial message especially on a regular basis,  you and your clients are able to notice changes such as lessening of wrinkle depth, skin color, skins tone and much more. Plus, this is one of the treatments clients are not able to get done at home correctly,

For this, it is beneficial to learn Facial Massage beyond what you may have learned at school  and improve your application, as this particular knowledge will too aid in a success of your business.

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