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training in-person 4 full days, hands-on practice is NOW available in FRANKLIN,TN​​


Meet Katerina Summers


I grew up, surrounded by holistic healing, starting from my family who believed to drinking tea with honey and lemon, or chicken broth, and rubbing your feet with mustards seed powder when you get a flu, or seeing TCM Dr. for stomach ache, muscles pains and headaches, etc.

There really was no question on what I wanted to do, growing up in a naturally inhibited excellence in hospitality and it was an easy decision after High school, I went to a well known, in Hong Kong and through Asia, school - FREDERIQUE ACADEMY in 2004 and soon after I became an Esthetician and a Massage Therapist, which is almost 19 years ago, at the age of 19 y.o. right after school I got into the PENINSULA HOTEL in Hong Kong as a Grand Opening Team for E'SPA, and from there my journey took me to the Spa within the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL in Hong Kong, ELEMIS UK as their Regional Training Team,  BABOR AAHEN GERMANY as their Regional Training team member, COMFORT ZONE PARMA ITALY as their Regional Training Manager.


In my late 20's I opened a beautiful 32,000 sqft Amis spa at the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL in Moscow, Russia, following by my move to the United States and finally perusing my dream of having my own business that gives me the ability to share the knowledge I have gained for the past 19 years traveling throughout the globe, collecting different massage techniques, meeting talented masters at their craft and developing my own treatments.


What I Specialize In

Facial Massage

Business Launch


5 Star services

Treatment    development

Face Massage

"An investment in knowledge, pays the best interests"

Benjamin Franklin

This massage has really changed my business. I own Simply Skin in Ashland Ohio. I went from having just enough clients to pay the bills to having enough clients to be able to move to a larger location and hire an additional esthetician. I also really like that fact that this massage is rare. As of right now (4-8-2021), to my understanding...I am the only one in Ohio that is doing this. Do you know how important that is to me?
I am certified in the massage and was one of the few in her first class. She did an amazing job and I would take any classes she has in the future. Thank you Katerina



Katerina is an excellent instructor and made me fall in love with the massage part of the facial again.


Having the knowledge to relax my client and give them physical results with just my two hands was bringing me back to the fundamentals without all the fancy tools.


I have the most powerful tools with just my hands and Katerina showed me the how and why. I’m so happy I invested in this class to give my clients even more benefit during their service


I met with Katerina while she was working with BABOR and she was our team trainer for the new opening spa in Germany. We always kept in touch and I learned that she moved permanently to the United States and started her own journey, which did not surprise me. 
I always wanted to learn more from her, as she has a gift of being an amazing tutor, having the hands on practice and the knowledge. So of course I joined her course and it was, no doubt, the greatest lesson I attended. I really hope Katerina will start to travel over the ocean to teach her techniques. 

- Anna, BABOR 

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